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Pokemon Synopsis: Scyther

The Pokemon this time is an all time favorite. While non Pokemon gamers might not know him, ask even the most casual gamer, and they will know this guy. Scyther, in gen one, you are on that Gyrardos level of godliness. You were fast, you hit hard as hell, and you looked awesome. Back in gen one, apparently the cooler you looked, the more powerful you were, while that isn't fully truly, especially with the newer gens, he was a great Pokemon. He still is, just with all the new additions and moves and abilities, he was left hanging, poor guy, still look kick ass. Hell, even your evo looks kick ass, either way, this about him, so let me get to it.

The Mantis Pokemon
Type: Bug Flying
Abilities: Swarm(When his/her life is below 33 percent, their bug attacks raise in power by 1.5)
Technician: (Moves that have 60 power or less, have their power boosted by 1.5.)
Dream World Ability: Steadfast(If hit by a move that induces flinching, raises speed by one.)
Competitive Tier: UU(UnderUsed)
Usable in OU(OverUsed): Yes

All this goes if the Pokemon had the perfect IV of 31 in each stat and maxed out at Level 100.

Base HP:  70 (Which means for those that don't know, no matter how you breed him or train him, his max HP will be set at 344)
Lowest Possible HP: 250
Highest Possible HP: 344

Base Attack: 110
Lowest Possible Attack: 202
Highest Possible Attack: 350

Base Defense: 80
Lowest Possible Defense: 148
Highest Possible Defense: 284

Base Special Attack: 55
Lowest Possible Special Attack: 103
Highest Possible Special Attack: 229

Base Special Defense: 80
Lowest Possible Special Defense: 148
Highest Possible Special Defense: 284

Base Speed: 105
Lowest Possible Speed: 193
Highest Possible Speed: 339

Information: Everyone has had a Scyther at one point. Don't act like you didn't, he was amazing, he was rape, he is fast, and he cuts people to shreds with his razor sharp claws...RAWR!!! Anyway, being serious now, he is good, but with the new moves like ice shard, and faster and faster Pokemon with ice moves and steel types popping up in game, he has lost his uses. Though, tie him up with a something that is can't take a physical hit, laugh as your opponents life drops like a stone.

Fast Pokemon
Great Attack
All his abilities are great
Good typing with immunity to ground attack
Can be used as a mixed sweeper

Can't take a switched in hit very well
GREATLY overshadowed by his evo form, Scizor
His dual typing gives him weakness to two of the most used typings
4x weaknesses to Rock

Scyther 101

EVs Spread:
252 EVs in Attack
252 EVs in Speed
4 EVs in HP

Nature: Adamant (Increases Attack, Lowers Special Attack) 

Ability: All of them are actually all good choices. If you can switch into a Pokemon that knows fake out, you can raise Scyther's already great speed even higher. If you are afraid of hits, give it a focus sash and Swarm and get your bug moves to rape more then they already do. Want hard hitting moves from the get go, give it Technician and ROFL, he is a sweeper, a revenge sweeper at that, he is best thrown in AFTER you let one of your Pokemon die so he can sweep.

Item: Life Orb/Leftovers/Focus Sash

Possible Move set:
U Turn/Substitute
Sword Dance
Aerial Ace/Quick Attack
Bug Bite/X-Scissor

The set up for Scyther is probably one of the only ones for Scyther. He can't really stall, he can't wall, so it is attack, then leave the room. If you know the Pokemon is slower then you and you need to switch, U Turn. If you prefer to hide then hit hard, then Sub is the way to go. Sword Dance to allow him to sweep even Pokemon that can take hits from its moves. If you have Swarm or Steadfast, go X Scissor. If you have Technician, go Bug Bite. Scyther is just another one of those Pokemon where you hit and leave, and even his defenses are good, so a neutral attack, feel free to switch in and attack. Feel free to change up how you wish, or ignore what I'm saying utterly, really doesn't affect me. :3

All in all, good Pokemon, not the best, but hey, not everyone can be Mew. Also...why is this true... Yes, a giant stone golem can learn fly...Scyther, the bug FLYING type with giant wings and is the size of humans...can't... Got to love how Gamefreak's collective mind works.

Tell me what you think in comments, say a Pokemon, I will see it, and give you a synopsis of it,thanks for reading, this has been Jaze Rooted, peace out.

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