Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pokemon Synopsis: Gengar

Oh, another fan favorite right here, I introduce you to the one, the only the ghost 
with the most, GENGAR!!!! Heh heh, always did love this guy.

Gengar No. 94
The Gas Pokemon
Type: Ghost/Poison
Ability: Levitate (All damage dealing Ground moves have no effect on this pokemon. So Dig, Earthquake, Fissure, do no damage, getting rid of one of his weaknesses. This also makes him take no damage from the trap Spikes, but stops him from removing Toxic Spikes.)
Competitive Tier: OU(OverUsed) One of the few pokemon to be OU since gen one.            
Usable in OU(OverUsed): YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All this goes if the Pokemon had the perfect IV of 31 in each stat and maxed out at Level 100.

Base HP:  60
Lowest Possible HP: 230
Highest Possible HP: 324

Base Attack: 65
Lowest Possible Attack: 121
Highest Possible Attack: 251

Base Defense: 60
Lowest Possible Defense: 112
Highest Possible Defense: 240

Base Special Attack: 130
Lowest Possible Special Attack: 238
Highest Possible Special Attack: 394

Base Special Defense: 75
Lowest Possible Special Defense: 139
Highest Possible Special Defense: 273

Base Speed: 110
Lowest Possible Speed: 202
Highest Possible Speed: 350

Persona Note: I got MAD respect for Gengar, he was one of the few pokemon that could go toe to toe with Alakazam (sometimes). He had been pimping since first gen, and one of like five pokemon that has been good and only getting better with new moves each gen. He doesn't get a Dream World ability sadly (it would probably make him too broken if he did.) but yeah, his ability cuts his weakness from four to three, so good stuff.

Ghost, so auto dodge normal and fighting moves
Special Attack and Speed, he is a sweeper
Access to a sleep move, they nerfed the accuracy, but hey, at least sleep means free turns.
Amazing move pool, you can even troll around a bit and give him some physical moves, lol
No 4x weaknesses, that is always a plus

His defenses, on both physical and special, are rather lacking. He can't really switch into a non effective hit well.
Low HP
There are pokemon faster then it, though he is the fast ghost pokemon, not counting ubers.

Gengar Classic

EVs Spread:
252 EVs in Special Attack
252 EVs in Speed
4 EVs in either HP or Special Defense

Possible Move sets:

Shadow Ball/Sludge Bomb/Venoshock
Thunderbolt/Psychic/Dream Eater/Dark Pulse
Pain Split/Destiny Bond

Suggest Items: Leftovers, Life Orb, or Focus Sash

Oooooh, another pokemon with tons of options, how fun, anyway. Gengar, first off, you need at LEAST one STAB move (STAB = Same Type Attack Boost). So, you can either go with Shadow Ball if you don't have something on your team already to beat the Psychic and other Ghost. If you do, you can give him Sludge Bomb which gives ten more power and a chance to poison but unlike Shadow Ball, it can't lower Special Defense. Now, if you know your opponent is going to spam poison, such as a pokemon with Guts who cares a toxic orb, you can ROFL at them as you Venoshock their ass and kill them. The normal power of Venoshock is 65, but if your opponent has poison on them, it gets double to 130 plus STAB so yeah. Now, a major problem with Gengar, is that he doesn't have a recover move, and with defenses and life that low, he needs either a way to hide behind, or heal. If you don't want to bother time healing with a move, just give leftovers, and either sub up, OR taunt a wall to get a turn or two to ready up. Hypnosis is an option against Sub, but be careful, that move has gotten nerfed, it has gone from 80 percent accuracy in first gen, to 60 percent now. Ouch, so yeah, and if you do use Hypnosis, I TRULY suggest you use Dream Eater with it, 100 base power plus healing, nice. Now the final option is taunt. This move makes people RAGE especially on a fast pokemon like this. This gen, setting up is vital, not being able to do a boost move kills some pokemon altogether, and out force switchers pokemon with pure support moves, like Whimsicott, some Ferrothorns, some Forrettesses, and some Skarmories as well, all very popular stall pokemon. As for the last move, you can op to go for another attack move, but if you don't have leftovers and instead to go focus sash or life orb, Pain Split is near vital. It averages out your and your opponents HP, using this move on pokemon like Blissey and Chansey is awesome, they get knocked down to like 30 percent life, while you are fully healed. Now, if you don't want ANY healing at all, Destiny Bond. If your opponent has no damaging weather such as Hail or Sandstorm, you can always opt to Destiny Bond them, they die with you, but the timing with this move is rather...ah, because now it only last the turn of being used, and one turn after, anymore, and you would have to use it again. So yeah, tons of options with this pokemon, completely disregard my opinion, this is just what I have seen, and it is pretty good, feel free to switch it up a bit.

Closing notes: OMFG, is this guy freaking amazing. Lead, switch in, revenge killer, this guy can do it ALL. He has a move pool that makes him a surprise at whatever you throw out against him. Don't know if he will attack our right or hide behind something, whatever so yeah, watch out, well, I'm done building my elegy for this guy, he is a marvelous pokemon, what else can I say? Oh, one final cool picture, SHADOW BALL MOTHAFUC*A!!!

That is it, did I forget anything...I don't think so, well, that is my pokemon synopsis on this guy, peace out, this has been Jaze Rooted, see you next time.