Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pokemon Synopsis: Porygon

OK...this hard...I mean REALLY REALLY hard. Ummmmm I'm not sure if this is an actual one...and I like this pokemon and all but...he isn't all in anyway...sorry, well anyway, let's get this going...on Porygon. *sigh* If only you could really give seizure to other pokemon, you might be better. Sadly, only humans are affected by your seizure inducing qualities.

Porygon No.137
The Virtual Pokemon
Type: Normal
Abilities: Trace (Copies the ability of opponent when you switch in.)
Download (OK, this one is slightly confusing. If your opponents defense is lower then their special defense, then PORYGON's attack raises, while if your opponent's special defense is lower then their defense, then once again Porygon's special attack gets raised.)
Dream World Ability: Analytic (Attack Power [including special attack] increases by 30% if Porygon moves last.)
Competitive Tier: NU/NFE (NeverUsed/Not Fully Evoed)
                Usable in OU(OverUsed): No, his evo can do literally everything he can do, only much MUCH better.

All this goes if the Pokemon had the perfect IV of 31 in each stat and maxed out at Level 100.

Base HP:  65
Lowest Possible HP: 240
Highest Possible HP: 334

Base Attack: 60
Lowest Possible Attack: 112
Highest Possible Attack: 240

Base Defense: 70
Lowest Possible Defense: 130
Highest Possible Defense: 262

Base Special Attack: 85
Lowest Possible Special Attack: 157
Highest Possible Special Attack: 295

Base Special Defense: 75
Lowest Possible Special Defense: 139
Highest Possible Special Defense: 273

Base Speed: 40
Lowest Possible Speed: 76
Highest Possible Speed: 196

Information: I remember saving up my casino dollars first time I saw this thing's name in the prize list in pokemon Yellow. When I realized that you could simply buy the casino tokens, I spam the HELL out of Pokemon League (With my Level 100 Gyrardos at that) to get the like, one hundred k of poke dollars. I then went back to the casino and bought it...not that I see its stats...I don't know why. I don't remember first gen that well...but it doesn't even seem good there. Not one of his stats break 300...there are other NU pokemon that have at least ONE stat break 300 maybe even two...he can't break it so sad. Anyone, onto the synopsis.

Uhhhhh....He is a normal type which means only one weakness
All his abilities are amazing, too bad he kind of sucks.
With the item Eviolite, he can take hits...but so can his evo that does everything he does, at least two times better.
I don't know...he looks cool...I guess?

OH, he has STAB Hyper Beam as well as Tri Attack, both VERY powerful moves.

His only weakness is one of the more common types this gen: Fighting
He doesn't have a single stat breaking 300, which is sad for a pokemon that ISN'T supposed to be a baby pokemon.
He can't take hits, special or physical well, unless you give him eviolite.
Won't be able to switch around his move set very much and STILL be able to live.
Once again, his evo can do literally EVERYTHING he can, only better.

Tanking with Porygon for Dummies

EVs Spread:
OK, there are two ways that truly work with Porygon when it comes to EVs.

252 EVs in Defense
252 EVs in Special Defense
4 EVs in either Special Attack/HP

128 EVs in Special Attack, Special Defense, HP, and Defense

I personally suggest Quiet for each set though, raises Special attack and lowers Speed, because Porygon won't be out speeding much...ever.

Possible Move Sets

Recover/Pain Split
Tri Attack/Hyper Beam
Ice Beam/Blizzard/Toxic
Charge Beam

Item: Eviolite...only way he can be used without dieing from...being weak. can't really use him any other way. If you prefer more power, go Hyper Beam instead of Tri Attack if you don't mind sitting there for a turn. Charge Beam is to boost his only even slightly good ability to slowly useable levels as well as over other pokemon that could attack him. Now, you WILL need to heal with this guy, so if you like healing yourself without relying upon your opponent's life, then Recover. If you want the possible higher life reward then Recover, then Pain Split. Now, as for the last move you get, you have a few choices. You can go for Toxic risk your opponent throwing out a steel pokemon, screwing you over with that. So yeah, there are so many moves you can move other then an ice attack, but whatever, your choice, these aren't the only move sets, this is just if you use him one on one against someone, you know how it is.

Final Thoughts: Porygon, I don't hate you because your evos are really cool. Porygon 2 now, HE is where it is at, better natural defense, special defense and special attack, can do that stuff right there, AND he is a better wall then you plus he can hold eviolite as well. So yeah, if Porygon was 98, Porygon was the sleek XP...while Porygon Z was the faster stronger, but lower defense and security Vista aka, don't use Porygon anymore, upgrade to at LEAST XP, because XP can do everything 98 could, only better.

Tell me what you think in comments, say a Pokemon, I will see it, and give you a synopsis of it,thanks for reading, this has been Jaze Rooted, peace out.