Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pokemon Synopsis: Gengar

Oh, another fan favorite right here, I introduce you to the one, the only the ghost 
with the most, GENGAR!!!! Heh heh, always did love this guy.

Gengar No. 94
The Gas Pokemon
Type: Ghost/Poison
Ability: Levitate (All damage dealing Ground moves have no effect on this pokemon. So Dig, Earthquake, Fissure, do no damage, getting rid of one of his weaknesses. This also makes him take no damage from the trap Spikes, but stops him from removing Toxic Spikes.)
Competitive Tier: OU(OverUsed) One of the few pokemon to be OU since gen one.            
Usable in OU(OverUsed): YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All this goes if the Pokemon had the perfect IV of 31 in each stat and maxed out at Level 100.

Base HP:  60
Lowest Possible HP: 230
Highest Possible HP: 324

Base Attack: 65
Lowest Possible Attack: 121
Highest Possible Attack: 251

Base Defense: 60
Lowest Possible Defense: 112
Highest Possible Defense: 240

Base Special Attack: 130
Lowest Possible Special Attack: 238
Highest Possible Special Attack: 394

Base Special Defense: 75
Lowest Possible Special Defense: 139
Highest Possible Special Defense: 273

Base Speed: 110
Lowest Possible Speed: 202
Highest Possible Speed: 350

Persona Note: I got MAD respect for Gengar, he was one of the few pokemon that could go toe to toe with Alakazam (sometimes). He had been pimping since first gen, and one of like five pokemon that has been good and only getting better with new moves each gen. He doesn't get a Dream World ability sadly (it would probably make him too broken if he did.) but yeah, his ability cuts his weakness from four to three, so good stuff.

Ghost, so auto dodge normal and fighting moves
Special Attack and Speed, he is a sweeper
Access to a sleep move, they nerfed the accuracy, but hey, at least sleep means free turns.
Amazing move pool, you can even troll around a bit and give him some physical moves, lol
No 4x weaknesses, that is always a plus

His defenses, on both physical and special, are rather lacking. He can't really switch into a non effective hit well.
Low HP
There are pokemon faster then it, though he is the fast ghost pokemon, not counting ubers.

Gengar Classic

EVs Spread:
252 EVs in Special Attack
252 EVs in Speed
4 EVs in either HP or Special Defense

Possible Move sets:

Shadow Ball/Sludge Bomb/Venoshock
Thunderbolt/Psychic/Dream Eater/Dark Pulse
Pain Split/Destiny Bond

Suggest Items: Leftovers, Life Orb, or Focus Sash

Oooooh, another pokemon with tons of options, how fun, anyway. Gengar, first off, you need at LEAST one STAB move (STAB = Same Type Attack Boost). So, you can either go with Shadow Ball if you don't have something on your team already to beat the Psychic and other Ghost. If you do, you can give him Sludge Bomb which gives ten more power and a chance to poison but unlike Shadow Ball, it can't lower Special Defense. Now, if you know your opponent is going to spam poison, such as a pokemon with Guts who cares a toxic orb, you can ROFL at them as you Venoshock their ass and kill them. The normal power of Venoshock is 65, but if your opponent has poison on them, it gets double to 130 plus STAB so yeah. Now, a major problem with Gengar, is that he doesn't have a recover move, and with defenses and life that low, he needs either a way to hide behind, or heal. If you don't want to bother time healing with a move, just give leftovers, and either sub up, OR taunt a wall to get a turn or two to ready up. Hypnosis is an option against Sub, but be careful, that move has gotten nerfed, it has gone from 80 percent accuracy in first gen, to 60 percent now. Ouch, so yeah, and if you do use Hypnosis, I TRULY suggest you use Dream Eater with it, 100 base power plus healing, nice. Now the final option is taunt. This move makes people RAGE especially on a fast pokemon like this. This gen, setting up is vital, not being able to do a boost move kills some pokemon altogether, and out force switchers pokemon with pure support moves, like Whimsicott, some Ferrothorns, some Forrettesses, and some Skarmories as well, all very popular stall pokemon. As for the last move, you can op to go for another attack move, but if you don't have leftovers and instead to go focus sash or life orb, Pain Split is near vital. It averages out your and your opponents HP, using this move on pokemon like Blissey and Chansey is awesome, they get knocked down to like 30 percent life, while you are fully healed. Now, if you don't want ANY healing at all, Destiny Bond. If your opponent has no damaging weather such as Hail or Sandstorm, you can always opt to Destiny Bond them, they die with you, but the timing with this move is rather...ah, because now it only last the turn of being used, and one turn after, anymore, and you would have to use it again. So yeah, tons of options with this pokemon, completely disregard my opinion, this is just what I have seen, and it is pretty good, feel free to switch it up a bit.

Closing notes: OMFG, is this guy freaking amazing. Lead, switch in, revenge killer, this guy can do it ALL. He has a move pool that makes him a surprise at whatever you throw out against him. Don't know if he will attack our right or hide behind something, whatever so yeah, watch out, well, I'm done building my elegy for this guy, he is a marvelous pokemon, what else can I say? Oh, one final cool picture, SHADOW BALL MOTHAFUC*A!!!

That is it, did I forget anything...I don't think so, well, that is my pokemon synopsis on this guy, peace out, this has been Jaze Rooted, see you next time.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Pokemon Synopsis: Feraligatr

Well, this one is a bit easier then my last. He is another starter. He was probably one of the only times I didn't choose fire as my starter, though no lie, all starters in 2nd gen were pretty cool. Water Croc, Fire Weasel, Grass Dinosaur, that is pwn in my book, anyway, let's get to it.

Feraligatr No. 160
The Big Jaw Pokemon
Type: Water
Abilities: Torrent (You know how it goes for water starters, if their life is below 33% of their max, their water moves get boosted by 1.5)
Dream World Ability: Sheer Force (All moves with a secondary effect gain a power boost of 33%, but lose their secondary effect.)
Competitive Tier: UU(UnderUsed)             
Usable in OU(OverUsed): Yes, it is basically defense Gyrardos, I shall explain later on.

All this goes if the Pokemon had the perfect IV of 31 in each stat and maxed out at Level 100.

Base HP:  85
Lowest Possible HP: 280
Highest Possible HP: 374

Base Attack: 105
Lowest Possible Attack: 193
Highest Possible Attack: 339

Base Defense: 100
Lowest Possible Defense: 184
Highest Possible Defense: 328

Base Special Attack: 79
Lowest Possible Special Attack: 146
Highest Possible Special Attack: 282

Base Special Defense: 83
Lowest Possible Special Defense: 153
Highest Possible Special Defense: 291

Base Speed: 78
Lowest Possible Speed: 144
Highest Possible Speed: 280

Information: 2nd gen was probably the only gen I had trouble choosing between the three starters. All of them were amazing, and for god's sake...we was a croc, who WOULDN'T want a crocodile as a pet that wouldn't try to kill them. So yeah, onto the stuff that actually matter about him.

Access to one of the better stat boosting moves Dragon Dance which raises both attack and speed. Boosting him from medium speed to godliness plus raising his already higher attack even higher, aces.
Marvelous move pool, ice, fighting, water, dark, yeah, it goes on.
Single typed
Can EASILY switch it into a non super effective hit and take enough time to boost up as they switch.

Single typed
Can't take special defense hits very well.
Other pokemon can do its job better, such as Gyrardos

Huurah for Defense Gyrardos

EVs Spread:
252 EVs in Attack
252 EVs in Defense
4 EVs in either HP or Speed, I suggest Speed

Possible Move sets:

Dragon Dance/Hone Claw
Waterfall/Aqua Tail
Crunch/Earthquake/Outrage/Dragon Tail/Superpower/Ice (Fang or Punch)/Aqua Jet
Crunch/Earthquake/Outrage/Dragon Tail/Superpower/Ice (Fang or Punch)/Aqua Jet

Suggest Items: Leftover or Life Orb

OK, there are MANY different ways this could work. First off, you need to boost him up, this gen you have two choices instead of the normal one. I highly suggest Dragon Dance to increase is lackluster speed. If you don't mind his lack of speed, you Hone Claw, you need to boost his attack. Alright, now that you have it boosted, you NEED STAB move, so Waterfall or Aqua Tail. If you have Dragon Dance, I suggest Waterfall because Aqua Tail has a 10 % chance of missing, but has 10 more power then Waterfall, so up to you really, oh, did I mention that Hone Claw raises attack AND accuracy? So that translate to Dragon Dance go Water fall, Hone Claw, Aqua Tail. Though, if you have Sheer Force, you have no choice in the matter, go Waterfall for that power boost that Aqua Tail won't get. There are far too many possibilities that you can run with this guy, FAR too many, his last two moves really affect on what else you have left. If have nothing to hit a Gliscor or Dragon Flying type, go for Ice Fang and Earthquake. You get the idea, there is NO true way for me to say how to truly top this guy off, so those last two are yours, hell, he STILL has more moves, you simply decide what you want for him, your pokemon.

Closing notes: Yeah though, he is a great pokemon. Though...sadly Gyrardos is his better in nearly every way. He has Dragon Dance, he has better special defense, and better life, only lacking in defense at that. He is even double typed, ignoring ground altogether allowing him more things to switch into so yeah. Good pokemon, just he has people who can do his job better. Sorry dude.

That is it, did I forget anything...I don't think so, well, that is my pokemon synopsis on this guy, peace out, this has been Jaze Rooted, see you next time.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pokemon Synopsis: Porygon

OK...this hard...I mean REALLY REALLY hard. Ummmmm I'm not sure if this is an actual one...and I like this pokemon and all but...he isn't all in anyway...sorry, well anyway, let's get this going...on Porygon. *sigh* If only you could really give seizure to other pokemon, you might be better. Sadly, only humans are affected by your seizure inducing qualities.

Porygon No.137
The Virtual Pokemon
Type: Normal
Abilities: Trace (Copies the ability of opponent when you switch in.)
Download (OK, this one is slightly confusing. If your opponents defense is lower then their special defense, then PORYGON's attack raises, while if your opponent's special defense is lower then their defense, then once again Porygon's special attack gets raised.)
Dream World Ability: Analytic (Attack Power [including special attack] increases by 30% if Porygon moves last.)
Competitive Tier: NU/NFE (NeverUsed/Not Fully Evoed)
                Usable in OU(OverUsed): No, his evo can do literally everything he can do, only much MUCH better.

All this goes if the Pokemon had the perfect IV of 31 in each stat and maxed out at Level 100.

Base HP:  65
Lowest Possible HP: 240
Highest Possible HP: 334

Base Attack: 60
Lowest Possible Attack: 112
Highest Possible Attack: 240

Base Defense: 70
Lowest Possible Defense: 130
Highest Possible Defense: 262

Base Special Attack: 85
Lowest Possible Special Attack: 157
Highest Possible Special Attack: 295

Base Special Defense: 75
Lowest Possible Special Defense: 139
Highest Possible Special Defense: 273

Base Speed: 40
Lowest Possible Speed: 76
Highest Possible Speed: 196

Information: I remember saving up my casino dollars first time I saw this thing's name in the prize list in pokemon Yellow. When I realized that you could simply buy the casino tokens, I spam the HELL out of Pokemon League (With my Level 100 Gyrardos at that) to get the like, one hundred k of poke dollars. I then went back to the casino and bought it...not that I see its stats...I don't know why. I don't remember first gen that well...but it doesn't even seem good there. Not one of his stats break 300...there are other NU pokemon that have at least ONE stat break 300 maybe even two...he can't break it so sad. Anyone, onto the synopsis.

Uhhhhh....He is a normal type which means only one weakness
All his abilities are amazing, too bad he kind of sucks.
With the item Eviolite, he can take hits...but so can his evo that does everything he does, at least two times better.
I don't know...he looks cool...I guess?

OH, he has STAB Hyper Beam as well as Tri Attack, both VERY powerful moves.

His only weakness is one of the more common types this gen: Fighting
He doesn't have a single stat breaking 300, which is sad for a pokemon that ISN'T supposed to be a baby pokemon.
He can't take hits, special or physical well, unless you give him eviolite.
Won't be able to switch around his move set very much and STILL be able to live.
Once again, his evo can do literally EVERYTHING he can, only better.

Tanking with Porygon for Dummies

EVs Spread:
OK, there are two ways that truly work with Porygon when it comes to EVs.

252 EVs in Defense
252 EVs in Special Defense
4 EVs in either Special Attack/HP

128 EVs in Special Attack, Special Defense, HP, and Defense

I personally suggest Quiet for each set though, raises Special attack and lowers Speed, because Porygon won't be out speeding much...ever.

Possible Move Sets

Recover/Pain Split
Tri Attack/Hyper Beam
Ice Beam/Blizzard/Toxic
Charge Beam

Item: Eviolite...only way he can be used without dieing from...being weak. can't really use him any other way. If you prefer more power, go Hyper Beam instead of Tri Attack if you don't mind sitting there for a turn. Charge Beam is to boost his only even slightly good ability to slowly useable levels as well as over other pokemon that could attack him. Now, you WILL need to heal with this guy, so if you like healing yourself without relying upon your opponent's life, then Recover. If you want the possible higher life reward then Recover, then Pain Split. Now, as for the last move you get, you have a few choices. You can go for Toxic risk your opponent throwing out a steel pokemon, screwing you over with that. So yeah, there are so many moves you can move other then an ice attack, but whatever, your choice, these aren't the only move sets, this is just if you use him one on one against someone, you know how it is.

Final Thoughts: Porygon, I don't hate you because your evos are really cool. Porygon 2 now, HE is where it is at, better natural defense, special defense and special attack, can do that stuff right there, AND he is a better wall then you plus he can hold eviolite as well. So yeah, if Porygon was 98, Porygon was the sleek XP...while Porygon Z was the faster stronger, but lower defense and security Vista aka, don't use Porygon anymore, upgrade to at LEAST XP, because XP can do everything 98 could, only better.

Tell me what you think in comments, say a Pokemon, I will see it, and give you a synopsis of it,thanks for reading, this has been Jaze Rooted, peace out.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pokemon Synopsis: Scyther

The Pokemon this time is an all time favorite. While non Pokemon gamers might not know him, ask even the most casual gamer, and they will know this guy. Scyther, in gen one, you are on that Gyrardos level of godliness. You were fast, you hit hard as hell, and you looked awesome. Back in gen one, apparently the cooler you looked, the more powerful you were, while that isn't fully truly, especially with the newer gens, he was a great Pokemon. He still is, just with all the new additions and moves and abilities, he was left hanging, poor guy, still look kick ass. Hell, even your evo looks kick ass, either way, this about him, so let me get to it.

The Mantis Pokemon
Type: Bug Flying
Abilities: Swarm(When his/her life is below 33 percent, their bug attacks raise in power by 1.5)
Technician: (Moves that have 60 power or less, have their power boosted by 1.5.)
Dream World Ability: Steadfast(If hit by a move that induces flinching, raises speed by one.)
Competitive Tier: UU(UnderUsed)
Usable in OU(OverUsed): Yes

All this goes if the Pokemon had the perfect IV of 31 in each stat and maxed out at Level 100.

Base HP:  70 (Which means for those that don't know, no matter how you breed him or train him, his max HP will be set at 344)
Lowest Possible HP: 250
Highest Possible HP: 344

Base Attack: 110
Lowest Possible Attack: 202
Highest Possible Attack: 350

Base Defense: 80
Lowest Possible Defense: 148
Highest Possible Defense: 284

Base Special Attack: 55
Lowest Possible Special Attack: 103
Highest Possible Special Attack: 229

Base Special Defense: 80
Lowest Possible Special Defense: 148
Highest Possible Special Defense: 284

Base Speed: 105
Lowest Possible Speed: 193
Highest Possible Speed: 339

Information: Everyone has had a Scyther at one point. Don't act like you didn't, he was amazing, he was rape, he is fast, and he cuts people to shreds with his razor sharp claws...RAWR!!! Anyway, being serious now, he is good, but with the new moves like ice shard, and faster and faster Pokemon with ice moves and steel types popping up in game, he has lost his uses. Though, tie him up with a something that is can't take a physical hit, laugh as your opponents life drops like a stone.

Fast Pokemon
Great Attack
All his abilities are great
Good typing with immunity to ground attack
Can be used as a mixed sweeper

Can't take a switched in hit very well
GREATLY overshadowed by his evo form, Scizor
His dual typing gives him weakness to two of the most used typings
4x weaknesses to Rock

Scyther 101

EVs Spread:
252 EVs in Attack
252 EVs in Speed
4 EVs in HP

Nature: Adamant (Increases Attack, Lowers Special Attack) 

Ability: All of them are actually all good choices. If you can switch into a Pokemon that knows fake out, you can raise Scyther's already great speed even higher. If you are afraid of hits, give it a focus sash and Swarm and get your bug moves to rape more then they already do. Want hard hitting moves from the get go, give it Technician and ROFL, he is a sweeper, a revenge sweeper at that, he is best thrown in AFTER you let one of your Pokemon die so he can sweep.

Item: Life Orb/Leftovers/Focus Sash

Possible Move set:
U Turn/Substitute
Sword Dance
Aerial Ace/Quick Attack
Bug Bite/X-Scissor

The set up for Scyther is probably one of the only ones for Scyther. He can't really stall, he can't wall, so it is attack, then leave the room. If you know the Pokemon is slower then you and you need to switch, U Turn. If you prefer to hide then hit hard, then Sub is the way to go. Sword Dance to allow him to sweep even Pokemon that can take hits from its moves. If you have Swarm or Steadfast, go X Scissor. If you have Technician, go Bug Bite. Scyther is just another one of those Pokemon where you hit and leave, and even his defenses are good, so a neutral attack, feel free to switch in and attack. Feel free to change up how you wish, or ignore what I'm saying utterly, really doesn't affect me. :3

All in all, good Pokemon, not the best, but hey, not everyone can be Mew. Also...why is this true... Yes, a giant stone golem can learn fly...Scyther, the bug FLYING type with giant wings and is the size of humans...can't... Got to love how Gamefreak's collective mind works.

Tell me what you think in comments, say a Pokemon, I will see it, and give you a synopsis of it,thanks for reading, this has been Jaze Rooted, peace out.

Pokemon Synopsis: Sceptile

Well, I got a request on my last post, my first Pokemon and believe it or not, it isn't first gen, it is actually the third gen grass starter Sceptile. Well then, let's get to it.

The Forest Pokemon
Type: Grass
Competitive Tier: UU(UnderUsed)
Usable in OU(OverUsed): Yes

All this goes if the Pokemon had the perfect IV of 31 in each stat and maxed out at Level 100.

Base HP:  70 (Which means for those that don't know, no matter how you breed him or train him, his max HP will be set at 344)
Lowest Possible HP: 250
Highest Possible HP: 344

Base Attack: 85
Lowest Possible Attack: 157
Highest Possible Attack: 295

Base Defense: 65
Lowest Possible Defense: 121
Highest Possible Defense: 251

Base Special Attack: 105 (Sceptile's 2nd Best Stat)
Lowest Possible Special Attack: 193
Highest Possible Special Attack: 339

Base Special Defense: 85
Lowest Possible Special Defense: 157
Highest Possible Special Defense: 295

Base Speed: 120 (Sceptile's Best Stat)
Lowest Possible Speed: 220
Highest Possible Speed: 372

Information: While I never ran Sceptile myself when I played 3rd gen, now that I looked at his stats, he isn't bad. With wonderful speed maxing out at 372 and a special attack of 339, while he isn't the fastest special attacker, he can be used fairly well. The best thing about Sceptile though is you can even use him fairly well in competitive play, but you need to mind game pretty well to throw him in and survive. His HP isn't that good, so you must time in an attack, preferably a special attack because it special defense is rather good, then attack and switch back out before it take a super effective hit.

Fast Pokemon
Great Special Attack
Wonderful Move pool with multiply ways to set up.
Single Typed (Give him less things to be hurt by.)
Can be used as a mixed sweeper

Can't take a switched in hit very well
Lackluster defense that stops it from taking a non effective physical hit
Other pokemon can do its job better now a days such as the Dream World Serperior
Single Typed (Reduces the things he can switch into.)

Possible Move Sets

Hit Hard, then GET THE F*** OUT QUICK!!!

EVs Spread:
252 EVs in Special Attack
252 EVs in Speed
4 EVs in HP

Nature: Modest for Higher Special Attack
Timid for Higher Speed 

Ability: Either or are good, Overgrow raises your power, so that is good because chances are when you throw in a Sceptile anywhere other then lead, you will get knocked down pretty low. His Dream World ability of Unburden is pretty good as well, especially if coupled with a Grass Gem or Sitrus Berry, though I doubt you will need that high of a speed with Sceptile.

Item: If using Swarm, Focus Sash/Band
If using Unburden, Sitrus Berry/Grass Gem

Possible Move set:
Dragon Pulse
Leaf Storm
HP Ground (For the Fire types your opponent will throw in against you.)
Focus Blast

The set up is simple, you hit hard maybe once or twice, then leave the battle field before too much damage gets done. This can work as a lead, a switch in for when you know you can't be one hit ko'ed, or when you have something like focus sash on. Easy premise, hit in run, you might be get called a bitch for mass switching, but hey, whatever. Leave Storm gives you amazing power plus STAB and if coupled with the Grass Gem makes for an incredibly deadly attack that can knock out some of the most dangerous of Pokemon, hell, it can even knock out a good chunk of fire Pokemon as well believe it or not. Dragon Pulse is just to take care of any dragon Pokemon people will likely throw in that have a fire attack. Focus Blast is for Heatran which has become a near STAPLE in OU game play now a days, and HP ground is to take care of the fire Pokemon. Once again, this set normally takes metagaming/mindgaming on your part, you hit, then LEAVE!!!

Lead Mixed Sceptile:

EVs Spread:
252 EVs in Attack
252 EVs in Special Attack
4 EVs in HP

Nature: I would say Naughty or Lonely to boost attack due to Sceptile already having good enough special attack. Mild and Rash for raised Special attack though.

Ability: Once again, both abilities can be used well, if you are running sub, then Unburden with a Sitrus, if you are running Agility, Focus, all up to your own personal play style though.

Possible Move sets:
Leaf Storm/Focus Blast/Dragon Pulse/HP Ground or Rock/ Energy Ball
Night Slash/Leaf Blade
Sword Dance

Having this guy as a lead is also a great option, unless your opponent an attacker lead as well, you can set up, either with boosting your speed or getting behind a sub. If they keep their pokemon out, you get a free boosted stat or set up then attack the next pokemon that comes out. This set up has it flaws, such as against fast leads, or leads with Roar/Whirlwind/Dragon Tail, but hey, all things have a counter of some kind, so you just have to deal with it the best you can. But that is how this set works, boost up, rape, if they pull out a wall, switch out and repeat.

Staller Sceptile:

EVs Spread:
252 EVs in HP
252 EVs in Speed
2 EVs in Defense
2 EVs in Special Defense 

Nature: Jolly or Timid

Item: Sitrus Berry
Focus Sash/Band

Possible Move sets:
Worry Seed
Leech Seed

This makes for a VERY annoying lead or switch in if you can get it in and set you. What you do is you watch your opponent slowly die as you hide behind a tiny little doll. This set can be used for trolling and if your opponent doesn't have a steel type or a phazer(A Pokemon with Whirlwind/Roar/Dragon Tail) you might be able to sweep with this set. As a lead, you throw in the sub as your opponent switches, leech seed to get your hp back as theirs slowly falls. If your opponent misses or tries to set up, you can throw out toxic to aid in the killing. Worry Seed just stops Pokemon with Magic Guard in their tracks as you stand behind your subs and keep healing. This set has the most flaws out of the three that are there, but you never know, you might prefer this playing style.

All in all, good Pokemon, not the best, but hey, not everyone can be Mewtwo.

Well, that is my first Pokemon synopsis. Tell me what you think in comments, say a pokemon, I will see it, and give you a synopsis of it,thanks for reading, this has been Jaze Rooted, peace out.

Pokemon Synopsis

A random person on one of the games I played has given me a fun little idea to do with this blog. I have decided to perform a fun little project for both sides. For people who don't know about the new waves of Pokemon, I can give them head-up about their own favorite Pokemon and tell their pros and cons. Now I warn you, some of the things you here about them, you might not like, and once more, this is what I personally believe will be some of the best move sets, stat spreads and such for each Pokemon, so post in the comments guys, give me your favorite Pokemon, and I will give you the run down. How I will be doing their stats is if they were set to level one hundred at their best possible IV of 31 and maxed out EVs in each stat. It is ok if you don't understand what that means, just ask in the comments at the bottom of each one, and I will get back to you. This is Jaze Rooted, peace out.


Alright guys, since I'm still trying to figure out how most of the stuff on this blog works...ugh, I think I'm going to have a little fun and talk about one of my favorite subjects, Pokemon. At this point, Pokemon is a time rendered classic. While there have been a plethora of new Pokemon in, anyone and everyone can at least name a choice few, not matter the age it seems. From the youngest children, to the oldest high schoolers, if I were to hold up a pikachu doll, they would know what it is without fail. The original 151, the starting line up, when the game was considered "pure" and having Gyrardos made you the king of ****ing everything (It still does actaully). The game premise is still the exact same, but what do you except, Nintendo knows how to follow the "If it ain't broken, don't fix it policy." But while the game has fundmentally the same, looking under the hood up to the current gen would flip you on your head. Sure, you could breeze through the game like you used to as a kid, leveling up your starter and raping everyone, including the gyms your pokemon had no strong attacks against, but that only works in game. The competitive in pokemon has grown much easier, no longer forcing you to be in the same room as your opponent, instead lashing you out against people around the world and while that same starter you used in game might have raped, in competitive play, your opponent will be making you say wtf before you can so much as blink. The metagame is huge, with pokemon that were great in game such as a new fast flying squirrel pokemon named Emolga, now being horrid when you use him in actual competitive game play. The learning curve for making a good team is tough and once more, the days of just loading your pokemon with random attacks is gone. While you might have thought it was cool piling Hyper Beam upon your Gyrardos when you were five or whatever in the first gen, you do that now and your opponent will probably snicker out you as it does nearly nothing. The pokemon variety isn't the only thing that has changed, so to has the hidden EV system. EVs, hell, most casual pokemon gamers will never know what that is, but they are so vital without them noticing. The games are getting farther and farther complicated, making more people slightly coo and find their gameboy colors with the pikachu covering just to reminsence in the days of yore. It is kind of sad how the new players, aka, the younger children of today will probably never get to know the greatness of the first gen, mewtwo, and missingno, but time goes on, more games are made, and pokemon as a whole progresses, whether that is a good or bad thing, that is completely up to your own thinking. Well, I think I will end there before this turns into a rant, this is Jaze Rooted, and I'm out.

feel free to comment :3

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Video Games

I personally believe I'm truly an incredibly avid gamer. I'm not going to lie though, at times...I pirate games, now before you start spitting pure hell fire at me, let me explain. I don't normally pirate new games, in fact, the only time I did was when I bought Dragon Age 2 off ebay, and guess what I got, I got the box saying Dragon Age 2...with Dragon Age Origins inside...ugh, yeah, I pirated that one, but other then that, I only pirate games that I literally can't find anymore. Gems like Super Mario World and Link to the Past, yeah have fun finding those without paying an arm and a leg, those I pirate, but I didn't make this just to talk about how I dodge around legal issues of gaming, I came to talk about games themselves, as we go on this little ride on this series, I will be talking about good games, bad ones, and how I believe we can make the series better, you know the basics, anyway, see you later on Jaze Rooted

My name is Jaze

You know, this is my first time writing a blog of any kind. Sure, I read a lot of them and I love the info I get about movies, people, and ideas. It's great, getting to see how other people react and act to other's work, sharing info because hey, that was what the internet made for, sharing info, so let's get to it, I'm Jaze, and this is Jaze Rooted.