Saturday, June 4, 2011

Pokemon Synopsis: Feraligatr

Well, this one is a bit easier then my last. He is another starter. He was probably one of the only times I didn't choose fire as my starter, though no lie, all starters in 2nd gen were pretty cool. Water Croc, Fire Weasel, Grass Dinosaur, that is pwn in my book, anyway, let's get to it.

Feraligatr No. 160
The Big Jaw Pokemon
Type: Water
Abilities: Torrent (You know how it goes for water starters, if their life is below 33% of their max, their water moves get boosted by 1.5)
Dream World Ability: Sheer Force (All moves with a secondary effect gain a power boost of 33%, but lose their secondary effect.)
Competitive Tier: UU(UnderUsed)             
Usable in OU(OverUsed): Yes, it is basically defense Gyrardos, I shall explain later on.

All this goes if the Pokemon had the perfect IV of 31 in each stat and maxed out at Level 100.

Base HP:  85
Lowest Possible HP: 280
Highest Possible HP: 374

Base Attack: 105
Lowest Possible Attack: 193
Highest Possible Attack: 339

Base Defense: 100
Lowest Possible Defense: 184
Highest Possible Defense: 328

Base Special Attack: 79
Lowest Possible Special Attack: 146
Highest Possible Special Attack: 282

Base Special Defense: 83
Lowest Possible Special Defense: 153
Highest Possible Special Defense: 291

Base Speed: 78
Lowest Possible Speed: 144
Highest Possible Speed: 280

Information: 2nd gen was probably the only gen I had trouble choosing between the three starters. All of them were amazing, and for god's sake...we was a croc, who WOULDN'T want a crocodile as a pet that wouldn't try to kill them. So yeah, onto the stuff that actually matter about him.

Access to one of the better stat boosting moves Dragon Dance which raises both attack and speed. Boosting him from medium speed to godliness plus raising his already higher attack even higher, aces.
Marvelous move pool, ice, fighting, water, dark, yeah, it goes on.
Single typed
Can EASILY switch it into a non super effective hit and take enough time to boost up as they switch.

Single typed
Can't take special defense hits very well.
Other pokemon can do its job better, such as Gyrardos

Huurah for Defense Gyrardos

EVs Spread:
252 EVs in Attack
252 EVs in Defense
4 EVs in either HP or Speed, I suggest Speed

Possible Move sets:

Dragon Dance/Hone Claw
Waterfall/Aqua Tail
Crunch/Earthquake/Outrage/Dragon Tail/Superpower/Ice (Fang or Punch)/Aqua Jet
Crunch/Earthquake/Outrage/Dragon Tail/Superpower/Ice (Fang or Punch)/Aqua Jet

Suggest Items: Leftover or Life Orb

OK, there are MANY different ways this could work. First off, you need to boost him up, this gen you have two choices instead of the normal one. I highly suggest Dragon Dance to increase is lackluster speed. If you don't mind his lack of speed, you Hone Claw, you need to boost his attack. Alright, now that you have it boosted, you NEED STAB move, so Waterfall or Aqua Tail. If you have Dragon Dance, I suggest Waterfall because Aqua Tail has a 10 % chance of missing, but has 10 more power then Waterfall, so up to you really, oh, did I mention that Hone Claw raises attack AND accuracy? So that translate to Dragon Dance go Water fall, Hone Claw, Aqua Tail. Though, if you have Sheer Force, you have no choice in the matter, go Waterfall for that power boost that Aqua Tail won't get. There are far too many possibilities that you can run with this guy, FAR too many, his last two moves really affect on what else you have left. If have nothing to hit a Gliscor or Dragon Flying type, go for Ice Fang and Earthquake. You get the idea, there is NO true way for me to say how to truly top this guy off, so those last two are yours, hell, he STILL has more moves, you simply decide what you want for him, your pokemon.

Closing notes: Yeah though, he is a great pokemon. Though...sadly Gyrardos is his better in nearly every way. He has Dragon Dance, he has better special defense, and better life, only lacking in defense at that. He is even double typed, ignoring ground altogether allowing him more things to switch into so yeah. Good pokemon, just he has people who can do his job better. Sorry dude.

That is it, did I forget anything...I don't think so, well, that is my pokemon synopsis on this guy, peace out, this has been Jaze Rooted, see you next time.