Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pokemon Synopsis: Sceptile

Well, I got a request on my last post, my first Pokemon and believe it or not, it isn't first gen, it is actually the third gen grass starter Sceptile. Well then, let's get to it.

The Forest Pokemon
Type: Grass
Competitive Tier: UU(UnderUsed)
Usable in OU(OverUsed): Yes

All this goes if the Pokemon had the perfect IV of 31 in each stat and maxed out at Level 100.

Base HP:  70 (Which means for those that don't know, no matter how you breed him or train him, his max HP will be set at 344)
Lowest Possible HP: 250
Highest Possible HP: 344

Base Attack: 85
Lowest Possible Attack: 157
Highest Possible Attack: 295

Base Defense: 65
Lowest Possible Defense: 121
Highest Possible Defense: 251

Base Special Attack: 105 (Sceptile's 2nd Best Stat)
Lowest Possible Special Attack: 193
Highest Possible Special Attack: 339

Base Special Defense: 85
Lowest Possible Special Defense: 157
Highest Possible Special Defense: 295

Base Speed: 120 (Sceptile's Best Stat)
Lowest Possible Speed: 220
Highest Possible Speed: 372

Information: While I never ran Sceptile myself when I played 3rd gen, now that I looked at his stats, he isn't bad. With wonderful speed maxing out at 372 and a special attack of 339, while he isn't the fastest special attacker, he can be used fairly well. The best thing about Sceptile though is you can even use him fairly well in competitive play, but you need to mind game pretty well to throw him in and survive. His HP isn't that good, so you must time in an attack, preferably a special attack because it special defense is rather good, then attack and switch back out before it take a super effective hit.

Fast Pokemon
Great Special Attack
Wonderful Move pool with multiply ways to set up.
Single Typed (Give him less things to be hurt by.)
Can be used as a mixed sweeper

Can't take a switched in hit very well
Lackluster defense that stops it from taking a non effective physical hit
Other pokemon can do its job better now a days such as the Dream World Serperior
Single Typed (Reduces the things he can switch into.)

Possible Move Sets

Hit Hard, then GET THE F*** OUT QUICK!!!

EVs Spread:
252 EVs in Special Attack
252 EVs in Speed
4 EVs in HP

Nature: Modest for Higher Special Attack
Timid for Higher Speed 

Ability: Either or are good, Overgrow raises your power, so that is good because chances are when you throw in a Sceptile anywhere other then lead, you will get knocked down pretty low. His Dream World ability of Unburden is pretty good as well, especially if coupled with a Grass Gem or Sitrus Berry, though I doubt you will need that high of a speed with Sceptile.

Item: If using Swarm, Focus Sash/Band
If using Unburden, Sitrus Berry/Grass Gem

Possible Move set:
Dragon Pulse
Leaf Storm
HP Ground (For the Fire types your opponent will throw in against you.)
Focus Blast

The set up is simple, you hit hard maybe once or twice, then leave the battle field before too much damage gets done. This can work as a lead, a switch in for when you know you can't be one hit ko'ed, or when you have something like focus sash on. Easy premise, hit in run, you might be get called a bitch for mass switching, but hey, whatever. Leave Storm gives you amazing power plus STAB and if coupled with the Grass Gem makes for an incredibly deadly attack that can knock out some of the most dangerous of Pokemon, hell, it can even knock out a good chunk of fire Pokemon as well believe it or not. Dragon Pulse is just to take care of any dragon Pokemon people will likely throw in that have a fire attack. Focus Blast is for Heatran which has become a near STAPLE in OU game play now a days, and HP ground is to take care of the fire Pokemon. Once again, this set normally takes metagaming/mindgaming on your part, you hit, then LEAVE!!!

Lead Mixed Sceptile:

EVs Spread:
252 EVs in Attack
252 EVs in Special Attack
4 EVs in HP

Nature: I would say Naughty or Lonely to boost attack due to Sceptile already having good enough special attack. Mild and Rash for raised Special attack though.

Ability: Once again, both abilities can be used well, if you are running sub, then Unburden with a Sitrus, if you are running Agility, Focus, all up to your own personal play style though.

Possible Move sets:
Leaf Storm/Focus Blast/Dragon Pulse/HP Ground or Rock/ Energy Ball
Night Slash/Leaf Blade
Sword Dance

Having this guy as a lead is also a great option, unless your opponent an attacker lead as well, you can set up, either with boosting your speed or getting behind a sub. If they keep their pokemon out, you get a free boosted stat or set up then attack the next pokemon that comes out. This set up has it flaws, such as against fast leads, or leads with Roar/Whirlwind/Dragon Tail, but hey, all things have a counter of some kind, so you just have to deal with it the best you can. But that is how this set works, boost up, rape, if they pull out a wall, switch out and repeat.

Staller Sceptile:

EVs Spread:
252 EVs in HP
252 EVs in Speed
2 EVs in Defense
2 EVs in Special Defense 

Nature: Jolly or Timid

Item: Sitrus Berry
Focus Sash/Band

Possible Move sets:
Worry Seed
Leech Seed

This makes for a VERY annoying lead or switch in if you can get it in and set you. What you do is you watch your opponent slowly die as you hide behind a tiny little doll. This set can be used for trolling and if your opponent doesn't have a steel type or a phazer(A Pokemon with Whirlwind/Roar/Dragon Tail) you might be able to sweep with this set. As a lead, you throw in the sub as your opponent switches, leech seed to get your hp back as theirs slowly falls. If your opponent misses or tries to set up, you can throw out toxic to aid in the killing. Worry Seed just stops Pokemon with Magic Guard in their tracks as you stand behind your subs and keep healing. This set has the most flaws out of the three that are there, but you never know, you might prefer this playing style.

All in all, good Pokemon, not the best, but hey, not everyone can be Mewtwo.

Well, that is my first Pokemon synopsis. Tell me what you think in comments, say a pokemon, I will see it, and give you a synopsis of it,thanks for reading, this has been Jaze Rooted, peace out.


  1. I like this idea. I've never seen it done before. o.o Also, you should totally do one on Scyther.